Our experienced administrators are passionate about uplifting your family and being a bright spot in your child’s day!

Matthew Bundy


Inspired by the opportunity to join a team that serves families and communities, in 2010 Matthew felt called to leave his previous career in mechanical engineering working for a global manufacturing company and join his father, Michael, in operating the family’s small child care business. In the same year, Matthew married his wife Kara, moved back to Indiana from Illinois, and is now the proud father of three children. Since joining Finding Me Now, he has found inspiration in working with talented and passionate individuals with unique ideas and finds joy in the stories of teacher-to-child and staff-to-parent interactions that provide heart-warming assurances that the business is operating with a steadfast focus on meeting the needs of those it serves.

Jennifer Elrod

Regional Director

Jennifer has 27 years of experience in Early Childhood Education. Jennifer was always driven to teach, but she found she was most inspired by the youngest children, and she found her passion in Early Childhood Education. Jennifer is a vital resource for directors and employee, she and is always willing to give her time and attention to someone who needs it. Jennifer still finds time in her busy schedule to oversee four child care centers and get to know employees, parents, and children by name, nurturing relationships with them all. In her free time, she loves relaxing outdoors with her husband Matt and her three children, Rosalie, Callie, and Joel.

Jennifer Pulley

Director – Indianapolis – South

Jennifer was inspired to go back to school to earn her associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education after she volunteered in her son’s Head Start classroom. She has 17 years of experience. Jennifer says she has never worked for a company that genuinely cared about the children and families as much as Finding Me Now does, and she’s proud to be part of the family. Her favorite part of the day is when she feels like she is helping the children develop confidence, learn new skills, and feel safe and happy. When Jennifer isn’t at work, she spends time with her husband, Wallace, and her three children Jacob, Caleb, and Isabella.

Tanesha Lindsey

Director – Fort Wayne

Tanesha decided as a young mother that she wanted to devote herself to the well-being, growth, and development of her child. She realized that her passion for nurturing young children could help many other children grow as well. So, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and for the last 17 years has been working with children, dedicating herself to fostering excellence and meaningful learning experiences. She loves moments throughout the day when she experiences the joy of children learning new ideas. Tanesha and her husband are parents to five adult children and one miniature schnauzer.

Jessica Rashad

Director – Indianapolis – East

Jessica’s favorite part of the day is during drop off, when she is able to greet families and see children eager to learn and have fun! Jessica has 15 years of experience working with children and teachers. She discovered her passion to lead and make a difference in the lives of young children when she began working with the children in her church. Jessica says that she loves Finding Me Now because of the company’s roots in faith, and believes that it’s the perfect place for her to reach her highest potential in preparing children to be the next pillars of society. Before coming to Finding Me Now, Jessica ran her own daycare from home so she could work and care for her three beautiful daughters.

Amanda Walden

Director – Kokomo

Amanda joined Finding Me Now in 2004 as a part time employee. Since then, she has worked in all positions and classrooms in the center, eventually being promoted to Assistant Director, and finally became Director of Finding Me Now – Kokomo in 2016. Amanda believes that her role is to promote parent involvement, two-way communication, and to be a resource for community families. At Finding Me Now, Amanda has found a sense of belonging and feels valued for her work. Her evenings are spent with her husband Jon and her beautiful daughter, Aniston.

Jasmine Clark

Marketing Specialist

Jasmine joined Finding Me Now in 2013 as a receptionist. She reached out for more responsibilities and was eventually promoted to Assistant Director. From the classroom to the office, Jasmine learned all sides of the business. Her favorite part of that position was when she was called on to create new things, such as classroom displays, decorations, and marketing materials. Jasmine has also studied Fine Art at Ivy Tech and enjoys the application of her artistic talent in her current position of Marketing Specialist. She loves Finding Me Now and says that the supportive environment is a blessing to her. Jasmine is happily married to her husband, Nick.

 Michael Bundy

Board Chairman

Michael began his work in the child care and preschool profession in 1972 when Indi-Kid, Inc. was formed. His leadership of the company took a dramatic shift when in 1980 he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. This decision profoundly changed his approach to business and continues to guide his thinking. His experiences provided a foundation for his work in providing leadership to a number of organizations that helped people connect their faith and their work. He is the author of Significance Now and the Possibilities for Christ-Led Enterprise. Michael has been blessed with three children, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.