Discovering & Affirming Your Child's God-Given Uniqueness

Our History

Dear Families,

My name is Matthew Bundy and I am the President of Indi-Kid, the parent corporation to Finding Me Now Learning Center. Thank you for your interest in Finding Me Now! We look forward to the opportunity to provide exceptional service to your family through the early years of your child’s life! Our corporation, Indi-Kid, has a long history of providing quality care for families throughout Indiana. The company was founded in 1972 by my grandfather Ray Bundy and led by my father, Michael, shortly after its inception. In 2004, we committed to expanding our mission to “Care for children in a manner that will please both the parents we serve and God” by carefully selecting our new name. “Finding” symbolizes the age of discovery in a young child. “Me” expresses the importance of the individual child. “Now” emphasizes the value of each child at this very moment.

More than 40 years after our doors first opened, our traditional values of family, faith, and learning through play are always at the center of our operations. We have based our program on the traditional daycare tenets of love & play, while providing a modern learning program that has earned the highest quality rating the State of Indiana awards, as well as national accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Technology-based assessment and planning tools provide our teachers with guidance to perpetually structure their lesson plans to the development needs of each child as well as the group. We are extremely pleased to feature The Creative Curriculum® by Teaching Strategies® as the framework of our childhood education program. Our experienced team uses this powerful tool to continuously assess your child’s development, tailoring immersive lesson plans to individualized needs.

On a personal level, as I was considering the opportunity to join Finding Me Now, I was reminded by my older brother of a simple prayer that he heard me pray many nights as a young child. Growing up we were aware of the business that our father operated, thus my prayer was to “keep the kids safe at daddy’s centers.” That prayer remains true in my heart, but has grown to include a deeper ambition for the children’s development and for the advancement of our staff.

We look forward to participating with you in the discovery and affirmation of your child’s God-given and unique possibilities!

God Bless,

Matthew Bundy, President