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The Benefits of Early Childhood Education, and Success Later in Life

Inhibit The Achievement Gap And Promote School Readiness For Your Youngest Learner!

In a longitudinal study spanning over five decades — 1960 through 2016 — with participation from five universities including Harvard, it was observed that kids who participated in early childhood education programs were less likely to be placed in special education classes or held back a grade, as well as have a better chance graduating high-school than other children who did not attend.

At the end of the day, early childhood education oftentimes leads to success later in life!

Finding Me Now Learning Center in Indianapolis, Kokomo, and Fort Wayne is your child’s ally in early childhood education! Through The Creative Curriculum® and with NAEYC accreditation as our guide, our educators lead modern learning programs in loving classrooms.

Why Is Early Childhood Education So Beneficial?

Kids are curious — they are sponges that love to soak up every new experience, new words, and new behaviors that are coming at them at a rapid pace.

The early years for children are some of their most formative, and early childhood education is honoring that curious little one and creating a positive path in their lifelong learning journey.

Social Skills

Interacting with peers and older adults is important — it teaches socialization to kids and how to interact appropriately. Not only can it provide an increased self-confidence, but it helps kids early on to navigate problem-solving, leadership, cooperation, empathy, and so much more.

The earlier a child can develop their social skills, the better they’ll be at interpersonal relationships, which are often influenced in learning and with classrooms.


Resilience is a skill that is better learned earlier rather than later. Resilience fosters self-trust, and in a nurturing early childhood education program, a kid can experience setbacks and upsets and better learn how to cope with the challenges along the way.


Entering the school system can be a big shock to kids who have never been in preschool or an early childhood education program. Spending a majority of their day with a classroom of kids and having to follow directions and listen can be quite overwhelming at first.

Early childhood education programs help ease kids into the school environment and adapt to what’s to come.

Inclusivity & Diversity

When you’re surrounded by a group of kids, there will, no doubt, be recognizable differences. Learning from those who experience life differently is crucial to a child’s growth and development.

Finding Me Now honors inclusivity and diversity to help children accept differences and support their peers.

Encouragement For Learning

Creating a love for learning is vital for young kids — the more positive learning experiences they have that nurture their curiosities, the better.

Early childhood education programs spawn judgment-free environments where kids feel safe and can approach learning with more enthusiasm and eagerness.

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