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Prep-Free Boredom Busters!

Today while I was thinking about what to write about for July’s blog, I was browsing through some preschool and early childhood blogs. I realized that so many of the fun and elaborate experiments and projects need some specialized material that you might only be able to get at a craft store or online. But what about a boredom emergency?? Here are a few great ideas for no-prep, fun activities that will bust that boredom!


Earth Art

Kate at shared some of her kids’ “Earth Art” using sticks, rocks, and other natural items to create pictures in the sand. Kate says, “It’s creative, open-ended and environmentally friendly. There is definitely something about getting your fingers and toes in the sand that is soothing and relaxing, so don’t be afraid to have a dabble with it yourself!”



If your kids love adventure and treasure hunting, they will love geocaching! This is a hobby that families from cities and the country can enjoy. According to this blog at, “Geocaching is great for kids of any age, is a fun combination of outdoor exploration and technology and perfect for all you parents that want to be more outdoorsy and adventurous.” Geocaching can seem a little complicated to get started, but the guide at breaks it down to make it easy! You use your phone to locate hidden containers that may be tiny enough to only hold a piece of paper for hunters to sign a guest log, or big enough to contain small prizes in case you are hunting with kids! If you download a geocaching app, you will be surprised at how there is a hidden world all around you waiting to be found. Once you become hunters, you can also work with your kids to build and hide your own cache for others to find.


Simple & Quick Indoor Activities has a list of 10 quick activities which will occupy any preschooler (at least for a few minutes!). From toilet paper roll bowling to “pretend soup,” this list has truly prep-free ideas that everyone can do!

Hand Clap Games

I loved doing hand clap or pattycake games on the playground, and lots of kids love doing more and more challenging hand clapping patterns. Watch this video with your kids and challenge yourselves to master them!

Socially Distant Outdoor Games

Finding ways to socialize is very difficult these days, especially for kids who may be used to playing in close proximity with other children. Physical Education Specialist Dan Batty has some ideas for socially distant games for PE teachers, that could just as easily be adapted for neighborhood kids or big families. Supervision would be recommended to maintain social distance!

Even though we are living through a tricky time where we must adapt the way we play and learn, with a little creativity there are still so many ways to explore and expand our children’s minds!

–Jasmine C is the Marketing Specialist of Finding Me Now Learning Center