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Moving Forward Together

Note: This letter is from 2020 from our chairman Michael Bundy, and we wanted to re-share his sentiments and hopes for all of us on this year's Juneteenth.

Today, Juneteenth, Finding Me Now expresses hope that the events of the last few weeks will become a seminal moment in our country’s history. May this be a time that profoundly improves the lives of black Americans. May this be a time when white Americans can hear the pain coming from the scars of slavery and the ongoing existence of discrimination. May our leaders craft new laws and policies that inspire hope. May God grant reconciliation throughout our nation.

At FMN we reaffirm our goal – Discovering and Affirming Each Child’s God-Given Uniqueness. Black lives do matter. Recently my heart was stirred following a march by the Purdue football players to City Hall in Lafayette. A video was made of the event and one player said something like, “I just hope that my children can grow up without fearing the police.” Amen.

While our company cannot address everything that is so complex in healing our land, we do encourage each of you to be a part of the change that is occurring. A recommended resource is the six-part video series (available on YouTube) from Dr. Tony Evans based upon his book, “Oneness Embraced.” Critical points that he makes are:

  • God created all races from a single DNA and in heaven all races and tribes will continue to exist.
  • From the earliest of Biblical times people of color have played important roles. Notably, this was also true during the American Revolution.
  • Solutions to our racial divide will come from:
    • Empathetic understanding that the experiences and culture of black people create a different perspective than the white experience.
    • The contributions of black Americans should be celebrated by all races.

My prayer is that we will emerge from this time with a oneness that was intended and promised by our God.

God Bless,

Michael Bundy