Discovering & Affirming Your Child's God - Given Uniqueness

Toddler hugging father's legs

Mommy, Don’t Leave Me!!

These are the fateful words as a parent, you dread to hear when dropping your child off to a new environment. Separation anxiety is normal in an infant and toddlers development. Don’t panic Mom and Dad, you are not alone! Around the age of 2 is usually when toddlers start to notice a pattern that you may be out of sight for a while but not forever.

4 Simple Tips To Ease The Worries Of You And Your Child’s Transition

★Stay calm explain to your child that you will return later.

★Give lots of love, children need a certain amount of attention when transitioning into new environments.

★Practice separating for short periods of time at home so your child will be reassured that you will be back.

★Be consistent, although it may be hard leave on a happy note every time.

Mommy Always Comes Back!

Most parents have busy schedules from going to work or school, grocery shopping, doing laundry to taking the dog to the groomer or even picking up snacks for your child’s little league softball team. Nonetheless being worried when dropping off your child should not be a stress. Teamwork makes the dream work, we at Finding Me Now Learning Center are here to help. Give your child at least 2 weeks to transition. And Stay Positive!! You can do it!

“Grown Ups Come Back!”

If you are thinking about finding care for your child, contact us today to take the first step!

Shi’Teisha R. is the assistant director of Finding Me Now Fort Wayne